About Us

Our intention is to build handmade furniture from real wood right here in the USA and allow our customers to select the sizes and colors that fit their homes.

We have a small but dedicated team and value each of our customers as if they were our friends and family.

The process is simple. Our team starts with raw wood and cuts, planes and sands it into the shapes and sizes needed for our various items. From there everything is glued, screwed and assembled into our final pieces.

Next the finishing takes place and the components are dis-assembled if needed and painted or stained using our pallet of paint and stain colors.

Each piece of wood carries the unique characteristics of the tree it originated from. The natural markings and variations are not defects but one of the reasons we love the look of real wood. These variations make each piece one of a kind.

After finishing, the items are re-assembled into finished products and photographed before packaging. We send every customer a photo of their completed item before shipment.