Paint Colors

Snow Storm

a perfect paint color for trim or all main interior walls.

Off White

a pale, gray, caramel white with a bronze undertone.

Cool Concrete

a light, gray, yellow greige with a green undertone.


a soft, gray, millennial beige with a silvery undertone.


a light, cool, heather gray with a tinsel undertone.


a midtone, cool, true gray with a black undertone.

Dover Gray

a saturated, cool, charcoal gray with a true black undertone.

Ash Grove

a midtone, neutral, heliotrope purple with a raspberry undertone.


a saturated, neutral, Merlot red with an oaky undertone.

Autumn Glow

a soft, muted, glow stick yellow with a sunflower undertone.

Big Cypress

a saturated, shaded, ginger orange with a persimmon undertone.

Canyon Stone

a deep, shaded, spiced red with a Sedona red-rock undertone.


a dark, shaded, Merlot red with an oaky undertone.


a soft, shaded, baby blue with an indigo undertone.

Serene Sea

a midtone, subdued, orchid blue with a violet undertone.

Canyon Blue

a deep, neutral, orchid blue with a violet undertone.

Annapolis Blue

a dark, neutral, twilight blue-purple with a lavender undertone.

Tropical Holiday

a midtone, bright, teal aqua with a jewel undertone.

Empress Teal

a dark, muted, teal aqua-green with a jewel undertone.

Light Sage

a midtone, neutral, toad green with an ivy undertone.

Dwarf Spruce

a deep, neutral, emerald aqua-green with a hint of blue undertone.

Pine Forest

a dark, neutral, verdant green with a teal undertone.