Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my own colors?

We can color match colors for a small upgrade fee. Please contact us for details.

Do you use any MDF, veneers or wood substitutes?

No. We use a mixture of spruce, pine and fir. We can also source a variety of locally harvested hardwoods: ash, basswood, butternut, cherry, hard maple, hickory, poplar, red oak, sassafras, soft maple, walnut and white oak.
We do not use reclaimed wood due to the lead and other chemical hazards which are not seen.

What if I need a different size not listed?

Feel free to ask, and we will let you know if that is something we are able to do.

How long between order and shipment?

We currently estimate 4-5 weeks for standard pieces and 5-6 weeks for pews and custom orders.

Reviews .... Where are they?

This site is fairly new and will take a while for reviews to populate here. However we have been selling our items since 2005. Check out our Etsy to see how customers feel about our products and service!

Is your site secure and private?

We like to think so as we use independent services to provide us with a highest level of encryption to protect our customers. Also your information stays with us and is not sold or shared with anyone. See our Privacy Policy.