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Single Shelf Steel Leg Bench

Single Shelf Steel Leg Bench

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Beauty and strength unite in our steel leg benches.

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Various Lengths
13" Deep
21" Tall
1 smooth shelf
Steel legs in Black

Care Instructions

Each piece of wood carries the unique characteristics of the tree it originated from. The natural markings and variations are not defects but one of the reasons to love the look of real wood. 

These variations and characteristics play a role in how each piece takes the stain. Some spots may be lighter, darker or have knots or other natural markings- making each piece of furniture one of a kind.

We have found the best way to keep your furniture clean is with a slightly damp cloth, carefully removing any excess water. In the event there may be something on it, add some lemon essential oil to your water first.

Color Options

Snow Storm

a perfect paint color for trim or all main interior walls.

Off White

a pale, gray, caramel white with a bronze undertone.

Cool Concrete

a light, gray, yellow greige with a green undertone.


a soft, gray, millennial beige with a silvery undertone.


a light, cool, heather gray with a tinsel undertone.


a midtone, cool, true gray with a black undertone.

Dover Gray

a saturated, cool, charcoal gray with a true black undertone.

Ash Grove

a midtone, neutral, heliotrope purple with a raspberry undertone.


a saturated, neutral, Merlot red with an oaky undertone.

Autumn Glow

a soft, muted, glow stick yellow with a sunflower undertone.

Big Cypress

a saturated, shaded, ginger orange with a persimmon undertone.

Canyon Stone

a deep, shaded, spiced red with a Sedona red-rock undertone.


a dark, shaded, Merlot red with an oaky undertone.


a soft, shaded, baby blue with an indigo undertone.

Serene Sea

a midtone, subdued, orchid blue with a violet undertone.

Canyon Blue

a deep, neutral, orchid blue with a violet undertone.

Annapolis Blue

a dark, neutral, twilight blue-purple with a lavender undertone.

Tropical Holiday

a midtone, bright, teal aqua with a jewel undertone.

Empress Teal

a dark, muted, teal aqua-green with a jewel undertone.

Light Sage

a midtone, neutral, toad green with an ivy undertone.

Dwarf Spruce

a deep, neutral, emerald aqua-green with a hint of blue undertone.

Pine Forest

a dark, neutral, verdant green with a teal undertone.

Stain Options

Aged Oak

American Walnut

Carbon Black



Crimson Fire

Dark Mahogany

Dark Walnut

Early American


Golden Oak





Natural Walnut

Pickling White


Red Mahogany

Rich Mahogany

 Spanish Oak

Special Walnut

Weathered Wood

Vintage Burgundy

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Handmade in the USA

At Boxwood Woodworing, we locally source and hand make all our products right here in Cleveland, Ohio. From here, we sell and ship throughout the US.

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  • Made with Real Wood

    You won't find particle board, MDF, nor composite materials. We are 100% wood construction.